B-Jay Randhawa’s latest track is out now ‘Deewana’
Directed by Baljinder S Mahant, and is presented by White Hill Music in association with TOB Gang A self made guy with sky as his limit, the one who always follows the mantra of hard work, dreams and dedication. Bjay Randhawa has won many hearts with his anchoring and... Read more
Renowned Singer Resham Anmol , released his new single track – “Take Me Away”
Today everything demands newness. Even if it is a traditional wedding, the music should be as fresh as possible. And of course our Punjabi Singers are quite famous in experimenting newness in their music. Every day the singers are trying their level best to bring out something good in... Read more
The facebook made him a writer who wrote the book : “Sach De Ark” The Writer interacted with the readers with his maiden work
The Social Media is playing a vital role in everybody’s life these days or in other words it would not be wrong in saying that this medium is ruling every sphere every corner of the country. An individual of every age is making use of this medium every now... Read more
Ninja suffered injuries while shooting for ‘Channa Mereya’
This film is the debut of Ninja and is a product of White Hill Studios & Zee Studios He Started as a singer and now is the new actor in Punjabi film industry. Ninja, a heartthrob of many people and a singer with brilliant singing skills will now be... Read more
A young female costume designer Supreet Cheema
ਸੁਪ੍ਰੀਤ ਚੀਮਾ ਆਪਣੀ ਪਛਾਣ ਇੱਕ ਚੰਗੇ Costume Designer ਦੇ ਤੌਰ ਤੇ ਬਣਾਉਣ ਵਿਚ ਸਫਲ ਰਹੀ ਹੈ| ਜ਼ੀਰਕਪੁਰ ਦੀ ਰਹਿਣ ਵਾਲੀ ਸੁਪ੍ਰੀਤ ਨੇ ਪੰਜਾਬੀ ਦੀਆਂ ਕਈ ਸਫਲ ਫ਼ਿਲਮਾਂ ਵਿਚ ਆਪਣੇ ਬਣਾਏ ਡਿਜ਼ਾਈਨਦਾਰ ਪੋਸ਼ਾਕਾਂ ਨਾਲ ਕਲਾਕਾਰਾਂ ਦੀ ਟੌਰ ਵਿਚ ਚਾਰ ਚੰਨ ਲਾਏ ਹਨ| ਸੁਪ੍ਰੀਤ ਦੀ ਝੋਲੀ ਵਿਚ ਕਈ ਹਿੱਟ ਫ਼ਿਲਮਾਂ ਦਾ... Read more
“There is no such thing as overnight success” Babi Grewal
Stitching her way to success, Babi Grewal offers your usual stuff with an unusual twist. And who doesn’t like to wear something with an unusual twist. Babi experiments with different textures and materials so well that you will not come back empty handed once you enter her store where... Read more
‘Channa Mereya’ is a story of two people who fall in love against the norms of the society. The film depicts of feeling when someone comes in your life, steals your heart and changes your life forever. It will give you goose bumps and make you feel the Emotion,... Read more
Get Ready to Solve the Murder Mystery along with ‘Saab Bahadar’
ਕੌਣ ਹੈ ਉਨ੍ਹਾਂ ਸੱਭ ਅਪਰਾਧਾਂ ਦੇ ਪਿੱਛੇ ਜੋ ਪੰਜਾਬ ਦੇ ਸ਼ਾਂਤ ਪਿੰਡ ਵਿੱਚ ਦਹਿਸ਼ਤ ਪੈਦਾ ਕਰ ਰਿਹਾ ਹੈ। ਕੀ ਹੈ ਕਾਰਣ ਰਹੱਸਮਈ ਮੌਤਾਂ ਦਾ। ਇਨ੍ਹਾਂ ਸੱਭ ਰਹੱਸਾਂ ਤੋਂ ਜਲਦ ਹੀ ਪਰਦਾ ਉੱਠਣ ਵਾਲਾ ਹੈ। ਦੋ ਫ਼ੀਸਦੀ ਡੰਡਾ ਅਤੇ ਅਠਾਨਵੇਂ ਫੀਸਦੀ ਦਿਮਾਗ ਇਸਤੇਮਾਲ ਕਰਨ ਵਾਲੇ ਪੁਲਿਸ ਅਫਸਰ ਦੇ ‘ਸਾਬ ਬਹਾਦਰ’... Read more
‘Saab Bahadar’ will take you on a Rollercoaster ride of Mystery
Who is behind the events unfolding in a peaceful village in Punjab of 1990s? What is the connection between the mysterious deaths?  Well, the mystery behind the murders is set to unfold. With his power of do feesadi danda and atthanwe feesadi dimaag, Policewala ‘Saab Bahadar’ is out to... Read more
Saab Bahadar’ is a story of honest, respectable and sensible man. It is all about unrevealing the mystery behind repeated crimes. Saab Bahadar is a presentation of White Hill Studios and Zee Studios, produced by Gunbir Singh Sidhu and Manmord Sidhu. Film will take you in a journey full... Read more