Mr & Mrs 420 Returns | Punjabi Upcoming Movie 2018

In Punjabi cinema a lot of movie are released and gone but a few films mark its presence on audience mind. We are talking about the movie Mr. & Mrs. 420. Today the first look poster of the movie released on social media. In this part of the movie the lead actors are Jassi Gill, […]


Punjabi Romantic Film | kisaa Ae Ishq

ਪੰਜਾਬੀ ਸਿਨੇਮਾ ਵਿੱਚ ਦਿਨੋ ਦਿਨ ਤਰੱਕੀ ਹੁੰਦੀ ਜਾ ਰਹੀ ਹੈ| ਨਿਰਦੇਸ਼ਕ ਹੁਣ ਢੰਗ ਸਿਰ ਦੇ ਵਿਸ਼ੇ ਉੱਤੇ ਫ਼ਿਲਮਾਂ ਬਣਾਉਣ ਲੱਗ ਪਏ ਹਨ| ਕਿਉਂਕਿ ਹੁਣ ਫਿਲਮ ਦੇਖਣ ਜਾਣ ਵਾਲੇ ਲੋਕ ਵੀ ਸਿਆਣੇ ਹੋ ਚੁਕੇ ਹਨ| ਅਕਸਰ ਉਹ ਫ਼ਿਲਮਾਂ ਪਸੰਦ ਕੀਤੀਆਂ ਜਾਂਦੀਆਂ ਹਨ ਜੋ ਵਿਸ਼ਾ ਲੋਕਾਂ ਦੀ ਜ਼ਿੰਦਗੀ ਦੇ ਨੇੜੇ ਹੁੰਦਾ ਹੈ| ਪਿਆਰ, ਮੁਹੱਬਤ ਅਤੇ ਇਸ਼ਕ ਹਰ […]

Titanic Upcoming Punjabi Movie

Now a day’s Punjabi cinema becomes experimental cinema. In recent years we saw that movie on some creative ideas were released and got appreciation from the audience. Here is another part of this chain is “Titanic” Shocked!! Yes, Titanic is an upcoming Punjabi movie directed by Ravi Punj. The story theme is so unique.There are […]

Marriage Palace Sharry Maan punjabi Movie

Happy Goyal Pictures announced their maiden Punjabi Flick | Marriage Palace | Sharry Maan | Release Date 28 September

Sharry Maan to play the lead in the film  After being global, the Punjabi Film Industry is proceeding with films which carry a different zone, a different track, lot of comedy movies with beautiful punches and jokes which actually tickle your stomach and of course the films which carry a message which is a good […]